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Durable silicone phone case
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La coque ' BOHOBLEND ' est plus qu'un accessoire. C'est un véritable bouclier pour votre téléphone, doté d'une double couche de protection qui résiste aux accidents du quotidien.

Avec sa finition brillante et ses motifs colorés, cette coque donne du peps à votre téléphone. Grâce à ses impressions de haute qualité, vous n'aurez pas à vous soucier de la décoloration.

Avec notre coque ' BOHOBLEND ', tous les ports de votre téléphone sont accessibles et ses boutons protégés. Choisissez la simplicité et la protection sans compromis.

No Waste Guarantee

Stop fast fashion and overconsumption!

Our manufacturing workshop only produces the hulls ordered.

This avoids throwing away unsold products! 🌍

Delivery & returns

We ship your order within 24 hours on average !

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Our shells are adapted to each model offered.

Even if the preview isn't your phone's preview, don't panic!

You will receive the ordered model.

Affordable security

Give your phone robust protection, avoiding costly repairs and extending its lifespan.

A small investment for lasting peace of mind.

Durability guaranteed with BOHOBLEND

Made with premium materials, the BOHOBLEND case provides protection that stands up to time and daily wear and tear, helping to keep your phone in perfect condition for longer.

Style and protection combined

This case offers more than just protection.

Its modern and elegant design brings a touch of elegance to your phone while ensuring its security.

A chic way to protect your device.

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🧐 How is the BOHOBLEND hull made?

The BOHOBLEND case is specially designed to provide optimal protection for your phone. It is made of a hard exterior coating that is resistant to impacts and scratches , ensuring maximum durability.

The interior of the case is made of silicone to absorb impacts and effectively protect your phone.

This combination of high-quality materials guarantees complete protection for your device, while preserving its unique style.

🔋 Is the BOHOBLEND case compatible with wireless charging?

Yes, absolutely! The BOHOBLEND case is specially designed to be compatible with wireless charging .

You can enjoy the convenience of wireless charging by simply leaving your phone with the BOHOBLEND case on a compatible wireless charger.

No more removing the case every time you want to charge your phone, you can easily charge it wirelessly while protecting your device with our high-quality case .

🤳 Is the BOHOBLEND case interfering with my phone's functionality?

Absolutely not ! The BOHOBLEND case is specially designed to protect the functionality of your phone.

It provides comprehensive protection for your device, including the camera and charging ports, while allowing you to use them without any restrictions .

You can take full advantage of all the features of your phone while benefiting from reliable and effective protection with the BOHOBLEND case.