Why do phones overheat?

There are several reasons why your phone may overheat:

  • Intensive use of certain applications
  • Poor ventilation
  • A hot environment, like leaving your phone in a car in the summer
  • A problem with your phone's battery or processor

How to prevent your phone from overheating?

Here are some tips to prevent your phone from overheating:

  • Limit the use of certain apps that consume a lot of battery and mobile data
  • Keep your phone in the shade, especially in hot weather
  • Remove your phone from its case for better ventilation
  • Avoid leaving it in hot places like a car in summer
  • Use a fan to cool your phone, if necessary

What if your phone overheats anyway?

If your phone is overheating despite your precautions, here are some tips to fix it:

  • Turn off your phone and let it cool down for a few minutes before turning it back on
  • Uninstall apps that are causing your phone to overheat
  • Make sure your phone has the latest software update to fix possible overheating issues
  • Contact your manufacturer's customer service if the problem persists