Losing your AirPods can be stressful, especially because of their small size. Luckily, Apple has built in a feature to ring your AirPods, which can help you locate them. Here's how.

Step 1: Go to the “Find My” app

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, open the “Find My” app. You can also access this feature on a Mac or on the iCloud.com website.

Step 2: Select your AirPods

In the "Find My" application, click on the "Devices" tab. A list of all your devices linked to your Apple ID will appear. Select your AirPods from this list.

Step 3: Ring your AirPods

After selecting your AirPods, click “Play Sound”. Your AirPods will then start to play a sound to help you locate them.

Protect your AirPods

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