Google I/O 2023 was the opportunity for the search giant to unveil Android 14, with brand new features for phones, tablets and wearable devices.

Connect devices and people

Android has always been about connecting devices and people. With over three billion Android devices worldwide, Google has used AI to improve experiences at scale. For example, Android used AI models to protect users from over 100 billion suspected spam messages and calls.

Personalization and expression

Android offers the ability to personalize devices and express yourself. With Android 14, Google combines Android's guided personalization with Google's advances in generative AI. So your phone can feel even more personal.

Magic Compose

A new feature called Magic Compose is coming to Google Messages. It's powered by generative AI that helps add an extra spark of personality to your conversations. You can choose how you want to sound, and Magic Compose does the rest.

Customizable wallpapers

Android 14 brings new customization options to your lock screen. You can add your own style to the lock screen clock and use customizable shortcuts to instantly access your most frequent activities. Plus, with the new emoji wallpapers, you can choose your favorite emoji combination, pick the perfect pattern, and find the right color to bring them all together.

AI Wallpapers

With the new AI Wallpapers, you choose what inspires you, and Google creates a beautiful wallpaper to match your vision. You can also create a stunning 3D wallpaper from any ordinary photo with the new Cinematic Wallpaper feature.

An ecosystem of connected devices

Android 14 continues to connect you to the most comprehensive ecosystem of devices, where everything works better together. With Fast Pair you can easily connect over 300 headsets. With Nearby Share, you can easily move files between your Windows and Chrome OS phone, tablet, or computer. And with Cast, you can easily stream video and audio to your devices.

Find my device

Android 14 launches a major update to the “Find My Device” experience to support a wide range of devices in your life, including headphones, tablets and more. It's powered by a network of billions of Android devices around the world, so if you leave your headphones at the gym, other nearby Android devices can help you locate them.

Messaging improvements

Android 14 brings improvements to messaging. Google has worked with its partners to improve old SMS and MMS technology to a modern standard called RCS. This allows sending high-quality images and videos, getting keystroke notifications, and end-to-end encryption of communications.

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