The official launch of the iPhone 15 is scheduled for September, but analysts have already begun to unravel the mysteries of the Apple brand. In a recent video posted by Macotakara, mockups of the iPhone 15 appear to show off its exterior design details.

Design differences

In this short introduction, the iPhone 15 looks a lot like the iPhone 14 we already know, but there are a few other nuances, especially on the lower edge of the phone, where the Lightning port is replaced by USB-C. These prototypes also feature rounder and thinner edges.

Incompatibility with iPhone 14 cases

According to analysts, these images show that the iPhone 15 will not be compatible with the case of the iPhone 14, as Apple has changed the design of these new phones. A small unnecessary difference? On these 3D printed models, the difference is in millimeters. This tiny gap does not allow the same shell to be reused on two different phones. The only consolation prize for users, the iPhone 15 "Plus" does not seem to have this problem and it matches the case of the iPhone 14 "Plus" released last September.

A new minimal change

As with the "Pro" and "Pro Max" models, this new phone is about a millimeter too small. This new minimal change renders the shell unusable.

The mystery of annual design changes

For several years, it has been rumored that the Apple brand slightly modifies the design of the phone each year to prevent users from using the same shell on certain models. Although this claim is widely known, Apple has never provided an explanation for the small design changes made to its models from year to year.


The Cupertino company, despite the controversy, should slightly modify the contours of the iPhone 15 and thus relaunch the market for protective covers for the iPhone 15 .