How to hide your number on an Oppo phone

Step 1: Go to call settings

To hide your number on an Oppo phone, start by opening the "Phone" app or the "Call" app on your device. Next, find the "Settings" or "Settings" option related to calls.

Step 2: Select "Hide Number" option

In the call settings, find the option "Hide number" or "Show my number" and tap on it. Depending on the OS version of your Oppo phone, this option may be listed differently.

Step 3: Activate the hide number function

Once you find the corresponding option, activate it to hide your number during outgoing calls. This will prevent your phone number from displaying on the recipient's screen.

Step 4: Check number masking

To verify that your number is correctly masked, call another phone to perform a test. Your number should not be displayed on the recipient's screen, instead appearing as "Private number" or "Unknown".

Step 5: Disable number hiding (if needed)

If you want to show your number again on outgoing calls, you can go back to call settings and disable the hide number option. This will restore your normal number display for outgoing calls.

By following these simple steps, you can hide your number from outgoing calls on an Oppo phone. This allows you to maintain your privacy and make confidential calls without revealing your phone number.

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