Emojis have become an essential part of online and mobile communication. However, the emojis available on Android may be different from those available on iPhones. If you want to use iPhone emojis on your Android phone, we have a few options to help you get there.

1. Download a third-party emoji app

There are many third-party emoji apps available on the Android Play Store that offer a wide variety of emojis, including those available on iPhones. Simply download the emoji app of your choice, select the option to use iPhone emojis, and follow the instructions to add them to your keyboard.

2. Use a messaging app that supports iPhone emojis

If you're using a messaging app that supports iPhone emojis, you can see iPhone emojis even if your Android phone doesn't have the same emojis. Popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger support iPhone emojis, so you can use them in your conversations.

3. Update your version of Android

Newer versions of Android, such as Android 11, feature a wider variety of emojis, including emojis that look more like those on iPhones. If your phone has not been updated to the latest Android version yet, check if an update is available and install it to get more emojis.


There are several options to get iPhone emojis on your Android phone. You can download a third-party emoji app, use an iPhone emoji compatible messaging app, or update your version of Android. Choose the option that best suits your needs to access a greater variety of emojis to communicate with your friends and family.